Keep Your Guard Up.


You’d have to live in a cave (without television or the internet) not to know security and privacy are the catchwords of the IT industry in 2018.

Or perhaps a desert island. Or the moon.

Even then, it would be hard to escape the constant barrage of news item after news item telling of the latest breach of data or inadvertent sharing of personal data to the dark web (or worse).

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Wiretaps, 2018


It wasn’t that long ago, really. Or maybe it just seems so.

“Don’t send that to me in email. It’s not secure. Text it to me on my phone.”

Cellular networks were considered far more secure than other forms of communication. And in everyone’s defense, they probably were.

Not any more. For quite a while, Carolinas NetCare has been warning clients (and anyone concerned) of the perils of cellphone security. So it didn’t surprise us to read the article LTE ...

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Saving Face.

(Or, “How Can I Give Myself a Little Extra Protection on the World Wide Web?)

Here we go again. While technically not a security breach, we were reminded this week something we all know already but sometimes conveniently choose to ignore:

Almost everything we do online is being monitored…somewhere…by someone…for some purpose.

Let me say first this article has nothing to do with politics, at least as ...

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Real, and human.


Here’s something you should know about Carolinas NetCare.

We’re people.

I know, I know. “Bill is a beast.” Or, “Peggy is an angel.”

We’ve heard it all. (And Bill is a beast, and Peggy is an angel.) But really, we are just people, and one of the things we’ve always prided ourselves in is we approach technology and all of its facets knowing that, while we know it like the backs of our hands, you may not. Of course, we don’t know anything ...

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In the News – Medical Practice Security


No new breach! At least for now.

Still, we’ve probably written articles about data and network security as much as any other topic this medium.

So we were interested recently to read this article published by the American Medical Association entitled To beat digital divide, time for the talk with your IT vendors, concerning the need for medical practices to step up their game when it comes to medical data security. Stated clearly in the article is the assertion that:

In terms ...

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The Amazoning of Procurement


I use it. I’m not ashamed. It’s likely you use it, too. has become as common in most people’s lives as the corner gas station and pharmacy. It is now the go-to online source for almost every product and, having achieved a high level of success there, has begun to supplant many brick-and-mortar stores as well.

In ...

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When a Patch is not a Patch.


It’s wrong to think of a patch as a Band-Aid®, even though many people do.

But in a way, it’s the easiest way to explain what a patch does.

In its simplest form, a patch fixes something. It makes something workable again. Just like a bandage covering a skinned knee lets a child go back to play, or another seals a cut from a kitchen accident and allowing the chef to continue in preparing ...

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In defense of a good plan.


“A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door.”


We’ve all heard it before: failing to plan is planning to fail.

But as 2018 gets into swing (and I just had to take a deep breath as I typed that once again), Confucius may have nailed it hundreds of years ago. Who wants trouble at his or her door? Not me.

I decided to research some other thoughts on planning, and apply them to ...

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“It just goes to show you…”


I am dating myself here. I know it. But those of us of a certain age remember the earliest days of Saturday Night Live. With a multi-talented cast including Chevy Chase, Dan Ackroyd, Jane Curtin and John Belushi, one of the most memorable characters was Rosanne Rosannadanna, the creation of the one and only Gilda Radner.

Rosannadanna was the Andy Rooney (dating myself again) of the Weekend Update news team, offering commentary on ...

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Data breaches – not just for tech companies.


It’s happened again – in our own home county in North Carolina, an area known as a sophisticated, high-tech community with major banking headquarters among its industries.

Mecklenburg County servers were attacked and loaded with ransomware, locking up servers and making data vulnerable to loss. (Click here to read more details.) It’s caused quite a concern.

I do business with Mecklenburg County. Are my system and network safe?

At Carolinas Net Care, we’ve gotten some questions from our regional clients. It’s natural. ...

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