Relax! We’ve got it covered.


It’s summer, and it’s hot. Really hot. The kids are out of school, and summer vacations are in full swing everywhere.

Isn’t it good to know that Carolinas Net Care is never on vacation?

Well, I should probably clarify that, in case you are tempted to report us to the Department of Labor. We do take vacations – and give all of our systems engineers and technicians time off, too. But not at the same time. And that’s the key to maintaining your systems with optimal performance and security—someone is always in place.

So, YOU can go on vacation and not worry.

As a NetCare™ Operate client, everything continues to happen just as it does when you are working. Updates are pushed to you. Patches are tested and installed. Suspicious activity is monitored and flagged.

It all happens summer, winter, spring and fall.

So kick back. Here’s something I highly suggest you try this summer – my favorite mango salsa!

  1. 3 ripe mangos, diced
  2. 1 medium red bell pepper, chopped.
  3. ½ cup chopped red onion.
  4. ¼ cup packed fresh cilantro leaves, chopped.
  5. 1 jalapeño, seeded and minced.
  6. 1 large lime, juiced (about ¼ cup lime juice)
  7. ⅛ to ¼ teaspoon salt, to taste.

Serve with lime-dusted tortilla chips. It’s tasty, and a great alternative to tomato-based salsa.

Enjoy your summer! And if anything comes up, just email us at