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Microsoft Leasing and Office 365

Carolinas Net Care is a Microsoft partner. Our staff has extensive experience procuring, implementing and supporting products from Microsoft. We support Windows Desktop, Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Remote Desktop Services and Office products including Office 365 (LEARN MORE about Office 365).

Microsoft licenses and subscriptions can be purchased from a large network of Microsoft partners. Carolinas Net Care clients get a consultant that truly understands the ins and outs of Microsoft licensing, rather than a sales person incented to sell as many Microsoft licenses as they can.

One of our owners, Fred Longietti is a Microsoft Sales Specialist in Data Platform, Virtualization, Identity and Security, and Unified Communications. With Carolinas Net Care you get to work with a company owner that has over 30 years of Microsoft experience and that will be with over the long run. Not an incentive laden salesperson that changes every time you need to renew or make changes to your licenses.

We help our clients understand Open Business, Open Value and Office 365 licensing. We make recommendations on what is best for your business. But in order to provide good advice we need to know your business. So we only procure Microsoft licenses for organizations based in the Carolinas. People that we can meet face to face.

Carolinas Net Care and Microsoft names that together mean value, reliability and security.


Our Customers Say It Best:
  • Carolinas Net Care sticks with a problem until it’s fixed, no exceptions.  And the management of CNC has recruited and retained an excellent, polite, professional staff.  I wish all of our vendors & suppliers were as good as CNC.

    Carolinas Net Care is always striving for the best …. the best solutions, the best customer service and the best pricing.  They’ve supported our network and servers for 10+ years.


  • CNC checks up on us regularly through personal contact. One thing that impresses me most about CNC is that they talk TO you not AT you.


  • CNC is always striving for the best.  The best solutions, the best customer service and the best pricing. They’ve supported our network and servers for 10+ years.


  • It is comforting to know that I can focus on my business and Carolinas Net Care will take care of a critical component of our operations and if something does go down they are quick to respond.  Carolinas Net Care makes it a point to understand our operations.


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