Some Security Facts and Figures


At our 2018 Spring Technology Briefing two weeks ago, we covered more of what seems to be our favorite topic these days: security.

From time-to-time, we all feel as if it’s all we write and talk about. It’s not. But it is on our minds and our agendas every day. There are a lot of bad dudes out there. You came to Carolinas Net Care to help you ward them off. So, we take it seriously.

I shared a few statistics with the group of 20 or so who attended:

  • 82% increase in detections in 2017
    • Worldwide, that represents 6,000,000,000 attempted exploits a day. (Sometimes, I like to write out a number just to emphasize its impact.) The bottom line is that while detections are on the rise, so are attempts. Carolinas Net Care monitors your system constantly so we can be aware when someone is attempting unauthorized access to your network.
  • 43% of cyber attacks target small business
    • It’s not just Amazon, Equifax, Netflix, Facebook and the other big companies being targeted. Every computer with access to the internet (and that’s about 99.99%) are vulnerable.
  • 55% of small businesses experience an attack in 12 month period
    • Another staggering number. If you’re in a building with 19 other companies, 11 of you will be attacked within a year.

So, once again, while the numbers seem dark, Carolinas Net Care helps you avoid being a victim.

  • Training. We offer onsite training for your employees…and you. Many breaches are caused by your company’s weakest line of defense: you and your team. being aware of this is your first line of defense.
  • Security. This is a team effort between us and you. We find the vulnerabilities. We research, find and test the patches. We push them to you, but you have to reboot to install them. So, when in doubt, reboot!
  • Vigilance. Staying on it. It’s key. You cannot afford to let your guard down for one minute because when you do, that’s when you are at your highest risk.

Fortunately, we’re there. Your partnership with us provides you the highest-level protection you can have. We stand behind what we do for you.

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