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No new breach! At least for now.

Still, we’ve probably written articles about data and network security as much as any other topic this medium.

So we were interested recently to read this article published by the American Medical Association entitled To beat digital divide, time for the talk with your IT vendors, concerning the need for medical practices to step up their game when it comes to medical data security. Stated clearly in the article is the assertion that:

In terms of cybersecurity accountability, the buck stops with the physician.

In a quote from the article, Laura G. Hoffman, assistant director of the AMA’s department of federal affairs, says:

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), she noted, it’s physicians who are the ones on the hook if anything goes wrong.

Fortunately, NetCare™ Operate clients in the medical field have less to worry about. Not nothing, but less. Operate services include backups (both onsite and cloud), continual software security patching and firewall maintenance. We can never be 100% certain your network and your data are safe. (Any company saying it can is simply not being truthful.)

But we go many steps further, including:

  • Monitoring of network and hardware events
  • Performance of software maintenance cycles
  • Proactive and automated remediation of issues
  • Identifying trends and patterns in underlying infrastructure.

Medical data is serious business. But to us, so is every piece of data. Want an assessment of where you stand? Click here and send us an email. We’ll be in touch.

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