Data breaches – not just for tech companies.


It’s happened again – in our own home county in North Carolina, an area known as a sophisticated, high-tech community with major banking headquarters among its industries.

Mecklenburg County servers were attacked and loaded with ransomware, locking up servers and making data vulnerable to loss. (Click here to read more details.) It’s caused quite a concern.

I do business with Mecklenburg County. Are my system and network safe?

At Carolinas Net Care, we’ve gotten some questions from our regional clients. It’s natural. The short answer is yes, your systems and your data are safe.

But, the longer answer is, as a Carolinas Net Care customer, you have safeguards in place by virtue of NetCare™, our full lifecycle services. We perform regular updates, and install all patches provided by Microsoft and other key vendors to keep your systems at their most secure state.

It can still be unsettling to thumb through your morning news feed and read about another breach. Anytime something like this happens, it’s good to remember four things:

  • If you are following our recommendations, you already have prevention and recovery measures in place.
  • Avoidance is always better than recovery.
  • End users are the weak link.
  • NetCare is happy to provide staff training.

If you have specific questions, or a reason to believe your system has been compromised in any way, call us, email us or complete a support ticket. We’ll be on it quickly, analyze the situation and be in touch.