Didn’t Make the Spring Technology Update?

We missed you!

We enjoyed seeing and sharing with all of you who were able to attend our Spring Technology Update. If you missed it, we missed you, and hate to tell you, but you missed a lot!

So, here’s an overview of the day.

On March 23, about thirty-five CNC clients gathered for conversation, coffee and pastries, and settled in for an informative few hours.

We began and ended with presentations on our new branding focus, and what the key tenants—Plan, Procure, Implement, Operate, Support and Review—mean to you as a CNC client.

Within that framework, Fred Longietti reviewed Plan and Procure, specifically new technology in Back-up and Disaster Recovery, Windows and Software Updates, Firewall Security and Cloud-based Technology and Back-ups, which are critical for any business and a point of pain for many.

Greg Aker gave us a review on Implementation, with a reminder that Carolinas NetCare’s focus is the quality of your network. Bill Wade continued the review with a discussion on Operate, with a focus on Consolidation, Standardization, Measurement/Analysis and Evolution/Automation, goals we all have for our businesses.

During a lunch of sandwiches, salads and giant cookies, everyone was intrigued by the thought-provoking presentations by representatives from the FBI and Secret Service on hacking and fraud, how to protect your business, and how to protect yourself.

It was a rare opportunity to hear from people on the front line of working to protect us from cyber crime and technology criminals, and everyone found the discussions riveting and sometimes even a little scary. But with due vigilance, everyone came away believing we are not helpless against these types of attacks. There are plenty of defenses available, so let us know if you would like a consult on what you can do.

After lunch, Max Haithcox presented on the Support role to your business, and our goals to offer better and better support to you in your day-to-day experience, building a dedicated support staff, more automation, and improved information dissemination.

Greg wrapped up the briefing early afternoon with a explanation of how a NetCare Review benefits you, your employees and your customers through a three-pronged approach—Compliance Review, Standardization Review and Plan Review.

You don’t want to miss the next Technology Update, scheduled for September of 2017. So watch for information and invitations, and get it on your calendar. In the meantime, click here for more details on how our updated NetCare™ approach which focuses on Plan, Procure, Implement, Operate, Support and Review, and can help with both your daily and long-term IT network needs and objectives.