The Future of Security is in Fabric.

From the first minute the first computer accessed the first information over the first network, security has been an issue.

Who can see this? Who should be able to see that? Who should be looking and who is looking who should not be looking? Keeping a network secure has never never easy. But it used to be, well, easier. Put a firewall in place, install anti-virus software on each workstation and a lot of your work was done for you.

No more. Now, it’s a push-pull existence. How much security is enough to be secure without being so much it is counter-productive?

Linus may have had it right after all.

Any Peanuts® fan knows the beauty of the security blanket. Linus carries his everywhere, and uses it to defend himself against all kinds of perils from numerous directions and sources. Now, the future of network security is multiple protection systems working together, communicating with each other and having the ability to be modified (or in some cases, modifying themselves in real time). Not a security blanket, but close—a security fabric.

What is a security fabric? Offered by Fortinet (a Carolinas NetCare partner and provider), the Fortinet Security Fabric is built around three key attributes:

  • Breadth: Broad enough to cover the entire attack surface. Security can be applied to the network, endpoints, access, applications, and cloud.
  • Power: Powerful security processors reduce the burden on infrastructure, delivering comprehensive security without affecting performance.
  • Automation: Delivering a fast, coordinated and automatic response to threats. All elements can rapidly exchange threat intelligence and coordinate actions.

What are we doing?

Greg Aker, Ken Xie, founder and CEO of Fortinet, and Fred Longietti at the Fortinet Security Conference, February, 2017.

In February, Greg Aker and Fred Longietti attended the Fortinet Security Conference, returning with both ideas and plans for NetCare to adapt its monitoring to utilize this new and innovative Fortinet fabric technology.

We’ve watched it happen. Networks become more disjointed and complex while cyber threats become more powerful. It’s a Catch-22 or sorts. We’re using proven knowledge and fabric technology to make sure the data and security elements across all of your various environments are well-integrated, able to share intelligence and visible.

In this way, your security is able to expand and adapt as necessary, and seamlessly follow and protect data, users, and applications as they move back and forth between IoT, smart devices, and cloud environments throughout the network.

It may not be as soft and cuddly as Linus’ blanket, but it’s more effective. Guaranteed.

Want to know more? Email us and we’ll schedule a time to tell you more and give you an onsite demonstration.