When a Patch is not a Patch.


It’s wrong to think of a patch as a Band-Aid®, even though many people do.

But in a way, it’s the easiest way to explain what a patch does.

In its simplest form, a patch fixes something. It makes something workable again. Just like a bandage covering a skinned knee lets a child go back to play, or another seals a cut from a kitchen accident and allowing the chef to continue in preparing a meal, a software patch allows a system to continue to perform as it was designed. Safely. Securely.

The problem with software patches is the landscape changes so quickly. A problem can arise and be identified. But before a patch is created and before it can be implemented, more ramifications are noted, and the patch turns out to not be a patch at all.

It’s frustrating. It’s also risky to use patches that haven’t been tested, verified and tested again.

We test all patches. Then, to be sure, we test them again. And maybe even again. We make sure all patches—even those for established processes like Microsoft Windows Updates—meet our specifications for performance. As a NetCare™ Operate client, you benefit from our work. Once we install a patch for an identified issue, you can be certain we’re certain it’s going to solve the issue, big or small, minor or major.

And if we haven’t pushed a patch out to you, it’s because we’re not convinced it’s going to work. It’s part of the reason you hire us in the first place. As Jimmy Buffet sings, “it’s my job to be cleaning up this mess, and that’s enough reason to go for me.”

It’s our job. We appreciate you trusting us to care for your systems.

Spring Technology Briefing Date Set

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 24, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. There’ll be more information coming. But that’s the date of the Carolinas Net Care Spring Technology Briefing.