Get Your Fiber!


You’ve heard it before—a key to a healthy lifestyle is plenty of fiber.

We believe it, too. Although in our case, the key to a healthy transfer of data is fiber technology.

Why Fiber?

At the Carolinas NetCare 2017 Fall Technology briefing, Karl Culpepper from Comporium gave a presentation on fiber technology over its older competitor, copper. Comporium is a leader in providing Fiber Internet Service (FIS).

FIS offers a number of advantages over older delivery systems:

  • Scalability: pay only for the bandwidth you need and use
  • Reliability: improved, private and secure with solid network resiliency and monitoring
  • Cost Effectiveness: can be tailored to meet the needs of any business of any size
  • Greater Productivity: fast, dedicated and symmetrical speeds

In short, FIS is the emerging delivery system that has the power to transform your internet experience, as well as many aspects of your business operations.

“I hear so much about data breach. Is fiber safe?”

Lately, as you might expect, we field a lot of questions from our clients about security. Hopefully, the track record of NetCare™ Operate has allayed your concerns. We check, install and maintain the latest updates regularly, making your systems as up-to-date and secure as possible. Still, when talking about the pipeline in and out of your system, it’s a worthy question.

Karl impressed upon our attendees the security of fiber (with a tip of the hat to a few technical aspects):

“Your data is safe with fiber cable. It doesn’t radiate signals and is extremely difficult to tap. If the cable is tapped, it’s very easy to monitor because the cable leaks light, causing the entire system to fail. If an attempt is made to break the physical security of your fiber system, you’ll know it. Fiber networks also enable you to put all your electronics and hardware in one central location, instead of having wiring closets with equipment throughout the building.”

“I’ll bet it’s expensive.”

It’s still more expensive than traditional copper wiring. But, like any new technology, the cost of fiber cable, components and hardware is steadily decreasing.

It’s worth considering. If you would like to talk with someone about Fiber Internet Service for your company, please contact us by clicking here.

Get your fiber!