Recovery: It’s What Really Matters.



I hope you had the opportunity to attend our 2017 Fall Technology Briefing on Wednesday. We had one of our largest attendances on record, and I believe our subject matter was as timely and comprehensive as ever.

One of our featured presenters was Carl Bjerke, Territory Account Manager for StorageCraft Technology Corporation, our new partner delivering backup and recovery services for Netcare™ clients.

Carl’s presentation was both informative and engaging, covering a wide spectrum of facts on data loss and prescriptions to guard against it. He started his presentation by talking about a teacher in junior high who taught him truth is an absolute defense. He said:

“Our topic today is to discuss what happens after there has been a disaster, and we will talk about the different types of disaster and strategies for recovery from them. But before we do I need to emphasize the one demonstrable truth that exists within the Disaster Recovery space. There are situations where if disaster strikes and if you have not prepared, there is simply no amount of resources in time and money that will allow you to recover lost data. Let that sink in for a second. There are events that can happen to your organization that are unrecoverable if appropriate actions, solution and plans are not put into place prior to the disaster.”

It was a sobering thought. He went on to share some numbers:


56% of all failures are caused by hardware or system problems. Source, Kroll Ontrack


26% of failures caused by human error.


9% of errors caused by software corruption.


4% of data loss caused by computer viruses.


2% of data loss is caused by natural disasters.

Carl described how backup is only one piece of a workable solution. Backup is always a good idea, but without a recovery plan its value is limited.

StorageCraft helps Carolinas NetCare offer our clients comprehensive plans for backup and recovery, including:

  • The creation and distribution of multiple copies of data
  • An operational assessment of long can you be without your data
  • A realistic analysis of how much data can you afford to lose (if any)
  • An evaluation of whether or not all your data is worth the same
  • An unbiased report on whether or not all your systems are equally critical

He finished with the need for comprehensive testing, the value of remote and local backup, and more. For a comprehensive review of your current backup and recovery plan, contact us. We’ll be more than happy to review your situation and, if you’re not already covered by NetCare™ Operate, give you a no-obligation proposal.

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