Can We Skip An Update or Two?


Seems as if every time we turn around there is another update to something. Recently, it was Windows10 updates.

The question comes up occasionally…

Could we save—time, money or both—by skipping an update from time to time? Could we do every other one?

The short answer is no. And that’s the long answer, too. Here’s why.

As we’ve written in this blog a number of times, the world of information technology is a constantly changing place. It’s volatile, really, especially as it relates to new viruses, malware attacks, spyware and similar dangers. Running updates, sometimes called patches, is the key to maintaining the highest level of security. And today, security is the ultimate end goal.

Security has so many facets. Certainly, keeping you systems secure protect your confidential data from being compromised. Ask Equifax what it’s like to lose sensitive data to a nefarious source.

But it’s even more than that. Security is keeping your systems from being used to store unknown data from unknown sources, or from your valuable computing power and bandwidth from being compromised by others, whether for damaging intent or not.

Further, updates keep your systems operating at peak performance.

Learn more about the Windows 10 update at our Fall Technology Briefing.

We’ll be discussing the recent Windows 10 update at our Fall Technology Briefing, scheduled for Wednesday, October 25 at 10:30 am at our South Park offices. For more information, or to register, click here.

The bottom line: as a NetCare® Support customer, you’re always up-to-date with all your software. It’s simply the safest path to choose.