Meet Tanner Johnson

Strong IT talent is what keeps our company—and yours—ahead of the competition. That’s why Tanner Johnson’s digital application stood out from the rest, and got our attention when it landed in our inbox.

A recent graduate of UNC Wilmington with a major in management information systems, it was Tanner’s grasp of the importance of customer service that made it clear he would be a good fit for the Carolinas NetCare team. Tanner understands that knowledge and ability to learn are just two pieces a customer service technician must bring to the table. He knows patience, understanding and the ability to solve the issue is a critical part of keeping CNC clients operating smoothly and successfully.

Tanner enjoys our business atmosphere and has spent the last month becoming competent in our systems and software, as well as interacting with and meeting client partners, vendors and of course, becoming a part of the NetCare family.

His favorite coursework at UNCW was a capstone course in MIS application development, and getting to put into practice four years of classroom learning. He also enjoyed playing club golf at Wilmington, shooting low- to mid-eighties.

Tanner believes his good work ethic, an eagerness to learn and an always-on, ready-to-assist customer service attitude will lead him to doing great things here. We believe he’s right, and think you will, too. It’s how we do it at Carolinas NetCare.