Review. Respond. Repeat.


The cutting edge. It’s crucial for a business of any size to be there. To stay there. Or if you’re not, to get there. It’s what gives you that little extra you need to compete, and sometimes to survive.

What can you do to keep your edge over your competition? In this blog series, we’ve gone into detail about the first five points of our 6-prong approach: Plan, Procure, Implement, Operate, and Support. Today, we finish up with the last—NetCare™ Review. It’s the final piece of what we call full lifecycle IT management. Some would argue it is the most crucial of them all.

Review: a formal assessment of examination of something with the possibility or intention of instituting change if necessary.

NetCare™ Review  is multi-faceted. As part of your IT management, we schedule three reviews:

  1. Compliance Review
  2. Standardization Review
  3. Triggered Review

Periodically scheduled for all our clients, Compliance Review focuses on different or new compliance requirements and best practices. When non-compliant settings are found, such as web filtering or password policy, we respond to the issue before a REAL issue occurs.

As standards evolve, it only makes sense to conduct a Standardization Review. During this review, we check on items such as firewall firmware or group policy updates. Again, when an issue is found, Carolinas NetCare responds swiftly to bring the function in question up to new standards.

Triggered by planning events such as renewals, budget process, new software or other business changes, a Triggered Review allows us to make sure clients keep what is working, maintain licensing, replace outdated equipment, check IT processes and adopt current best practices.

We realize not every IT management company feels this extra step is necessary. But we do. It’s what sets us apart, and what can set you apart, too. It will keep you running smoothly, efficiently and profitably. It means you can ahead of your competition.

And remain on the cutting edge.