That’s No Way to Own a Car


Support: The act of being interested in and concerned for another’s success.

Boy, don’t we all want need support from time to time? And when we need it, we want it to be a phone call away, something that seems in short supply lately.

Think about your car. It takes you to work, the kids to school and your family to the doctor. When you need it to run, you need it to run. You depend on it every day, and  need it to be on-call even when it’s not running, ready to respond to whatever you demand of it.

The same can be said of your IT network.

If your car doesn’t start, or breaks down on the road, you must have a support system in place. Or, you just hope it always works when you need it, and sweat it out if it doesn’t.

That’s no way to own a car.

If your network’s not working, at best it’s a pain—plain and simple. At worst, without support, you can literally feel your first ulcer coming on.

And that’s no way to manage your IT network.

At Carolinas NetCare, our clients enjoy NetCare™ Support, including many levels of support for day-to-day network and computer operations.

First, we understand what our clients need.

As a business owner, your IT support needs generally fall under four types:

  • Support service for problems; as in “It worked yesterday but not today.”
  • Service requests; which usually involves network administrative tasks.
  • Emergencies: Network issues that cause significant business disruption
  • Non-emergencies, or, as we like to call it, everything else.

We cover all those and more. NetCare™ Support does not mean a 9-5 help desk that may or may not be staffed by a network expert. Our support promise means:

  • Help desk response, even for uncommon issues
  • Comprehensive training and FAQs
  • The elimination of vacation lapses
  • A ticket tracking system for fast and efficient responses.

For any of these problems, our clients simply create an online service ticket, then email their request to a dedicated inbox.

In the case of a critical emergency, we want our clients to call us, even after business hours! Our answering service is trained and ready to route any emergency request. A service ticket also helps speed up our ability to respond.

Support. When it’s there, it’s a godsend. And when it’s not, everything turns into chaos. NetCare™ Support transcends the chaos, bringing response, functionality and order back into your IT situation. It’s the next-to-the-last prong in our brand promise. Because we know when you need it, you need it.