Purchase? Or procure?

Shop ‘til you drop is fun way to spend time for a lot of people. But not for a business. As a matter of fact, it’s a waste of time, money and resources. And, it’s exhausting.

Even after a day of shopping around, are you sure you’re getting the right thing at the right price? The fact of the matter is, no matter how much homework your procurement officer does before recommending or making a purchase, equipment evolves and becomes obsolete, software constantly requires updating to new versions or being replaced entirely by newer, more powerful iterations. That’s just life.

What is not only needed, but also required, is an honest-to-goodness working knowledge of products, not just a quick search online. No one in any online forum understands your needs more than your face-to-face IT team. No one.

What’s valuable?

It’s not your widget, or service or other offering that is your bread and butter. It’s your network. Most of us, without it, are helpless in the day-to-day. It goes down and you’re forced to schedule, take orders or project manage without it. Not likely in 2017.

Updated equipment and operating systems attract top talent, and allow you to meet customer demands seamlessly and painlessly. The expectations placed on your IT network are much like we view electricity. We expect it to be there and in top working condition. And when it’s not, we don’t like it.

The dictionary defines procurement as obtaining something with particular care or effort. But how many on your team have the time or ability to make sure you aren’t only getting the best equipment for your requirements? Not only the best price, but the best value as well? It’s a dilemma almost every business faces.

There’s just no way around making equipment evaluation a part of your business process. Consider changes around:

  • The first of the year when everyone is more open to something new, including technology.
  • Budget setting.
  • A planned change in your business, such as a relocation, new product, employee changes and shifting, new department, etc.
  • Carolinas NetCare Spring and Fall briefings, when we let you know about equipment and software news and updates.

With a call to us, you’ll learn about the benefits of leasing vs. buying, firewall protection and cloud-based solutions. We can procure your equipment and software for you.

  • We do the research.
  • We ensure licensure and warranty.
  • You receive a single invoice.

Procure is part of Carolinas NetCare lifecycle approach to keeping your network updated, running smoothly and keeping you  ahead of the competition.

There’s no need for you—or anyone—to shop ‘til you drop when it comes to your business IT equipment and software. For better efficiency, use of budget and use of resources, call us. We’ll take care of your equipment procurement. You just take care of your business.

What can we help you procure?