It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

Your network needs call for new hardware or software, or other IT items. Once you’ve procured them, it’s a done deal, right? Well, not totally.

Or, say your business has a brand new location. Desks, chairs, flat screens, privacy panels and even the ping pong table are in place. New conference room is furnished and meeting areas are ready to go. Or they will be. As soon as your network is relocated as well.

To quote the great philosopher Yogi Berra, “it ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

Both scenarios, and dozen of others that occur in business, are good times to talk to us about the NetCare™ Approach. NetCare Implement, one of our six service components, will keep your network running smoothly through a business change and keep you ahead of your competition.

Implementation is defined as the carrying out, execution, or practice of a plan, a method, or any design, idea, model, specification, standard or policy for doing something. In other words, implementation is the action that must follow any change in order for something to actually happen.

As we mentioned in the beginning, implementation usually describes the post-sale processes involved in all things pertaining to your network operating properly in the business environment, including analyzing requirements, installation, configuration, customization, running, testing, system integrations, user training, delivery and making necessary changes. You may hear us use the word deployment to mean the same thing.

We can handle your implementation and take the pressure off you as we make sure your new network items are deployed, installed and transitioned into your existing IT system, or your system is moved with minimum down time.

Carolinas NetCare brings your organization both depth of expertise and the proven experience to execute your implementation over a period of time. So don’t worry. This isn’t something that goes on forever. Implementation does have a beginning, and an end.

And since implementation inherently represents a change in your company’s existing technological architecture, rest assured we’ll keep in close communication with you to prevent or address issues as they come up during the process.

As with all our services, we’ll work closely with you in managing all phases of system implementation, making sure you consistently get the most out of your system and investment. Implementation doesn’t have to, nor should it be, a challenge you handle internally. In the long run, proper implementation will help minimize lost time.

Take implementation off your plate and put it on ours. Want to know more? Click here and we’ll be in touch.